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Apr 08, 2013 at 05:01 PM

SAPINST: Compress tablespace parameter



we have to migrate a SAP ERP System 6.0 on Oracle to Oracle with the following support package SAP_BASIS level 15.

As described in note "Note 1436352 - Oracle 11g Advanced Compression for SAP Systems" for a full DDIC support of compression SAP BASIS 7.00 should be al least 21 level.

Since we cannot update the stack netweaver before change hw, I've two open issues:

1) Can I select in the sapinst window to set COMPRESSION for tablespace PSAP<SID> also if we SAP BASIS has a level less than required ?

2) If I create a new table or I rebuilt and index, the new table or index will be created uncompress, is it right ?

Is this configuration (compression activated during SAPINST but not full DDIC support of compression) allowed ?


Maurizio Manera