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Apr 08, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Service Entry Budget Exceeded after Updating FMDERIVE


Dear Experts,

My client just recently updated their FMDERIVE mapping between Cost Center and Fund Center without realizing that one of the updated mapping still has outstanding Service Purchase Order attached to it.

When the procurement user wanted to perform Service Entry, he encountered error saying Annual Budget is Exceeded. Later when I checked, available budget amount in the new Fund Center is less than the Service Entry amount.

Since Service Entry equals to Goods Receipt, it should not triggering FM Availability Budget Check but here is what have happened:

Previously I have performed testing but I was using Material Purchase Order. The test went smooth, no budget checking was triggered during GR and the rest of the PO commitment was automatically transferred to the new Fund Center based on the new derivation rules.

From the recent error, I found out that the system did not transferred the rest of PO commitment from the service purchase order to the new Fund Center, hence it was treating the service entry as invoices/ actual posting without any linkage to PO document. The PO commitment was "stuck" at the old Fund Center.

Can somebody suggest me what to do besides adding up the budget? Is this FM standard behavior that it is treating Material PO and Service PO differently?

Appreciate your responses,