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Apr 08, 2013 at 12:39 PM

how to create user table keys.



I would like to create keys User Tables..

See the image..

in emp master..i create a field..

my requirement is i Dont want to allow the user post duplicate values..

I Think 100% stored procedure is fulfill my requirement..

but i got info from forum.. it is possible through the keys all so..

if u say yes..

see the image i am trying to implement it..


while pressing the button..

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name 'dbo.OHEM' and the index name 'OHEMIX_0'. The duplicate key value is 'User Key Description' (OUKD) (<NULL>).

This error is comming..


Normally what is the my requirement is

if i put in edit box fms..

it has 3 types..

a) Wit&hout Search in User-Defined Values

b)&Search in Existing User-Defined Values

c)Sear&ch in Existing User-Defined Values according to Saved Query

if i choose b option..

it is accepting values

but here it is accepting duplicate values

how can i stop the duplicate values.......


any info...


keys.JPG (134.5 kB)