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Apr 08, 2013 at 09:41 AM

Standard Database View in SE14


Hi Guys,

seems to be a basic problem but I just cant figure out

I had a req where i needed to add an append structure to database table COBK, which I did (appended lifnr and name1) but later deleted the append structure as i did not need it. But in doing so I think i made the database inconsistent in some manner, thats because while doing se14 on cobk i think i deleted the table, however i later restored the table and activated it as well, all was fine, i checked the database object from se14 and it does not contain my append structure, neither the runtime object.

But the problem is that there was a database join covp that uses cobk and coep tables that now shows itself as deleted from the database and when i try to create it in se 14 by 'create database view, it throws a conversion error: ORA-00904: "T2"."NAME1": invalid identifier

Table T2 is the tale cobk and NAME1 was one of the fields in my append structure, some how cobk still has these fields somewhere and therefore i cannot create the view covp in the database. Lots of std. transactions are dumping because of this. Can anyone please help ??