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Apr 08, 2013 at 08:03 AM

Reg. MRP


Hi all,

I have an requirement where my FG has demand( Ind. Req) in monthly frequency hence the MRP run creates dependent demand in Month as well for the components and triggers PR for the RM as a single lot for the same requirement date.

For eg.

BOM of FG has - RM with proprtio of To produce 1 FG - 10 KG RM is needed.

So my demand for FG is

March - 2000 no's

April - 1000 no's

Hence my dependent demand for RM is

March - 20000kg

April - 10000kg

so the MRP run gave me the 2 PR for RM after considering all parameters and lead time as below.

Feb 15th - 20000 kg

March 15th - 10000 kg.

But here my requirement is the MRP run should split the dependent demand qty and then it should create multiple PR's with different deliver dates

for eg.

my dependent demand of March - 20000kg for RM should split in to weeks as

1 week of mar - 5000

2nd week of march - 5000

3rd week - 6000

4th week - 4000

hence my MRP run should give me 4 PR according to weeks.

Can any one please suggest me how to addres this?

Will the weekly lot sizw - WB will work out?

Kindly throw some lights.