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Former Member
Apr 08, 2013 at 07:34 AM

Release standard cost with split valuation


Hello everyone,

this is my problem:

customer has already activated split valuation with materials in NEW and OLD.
Now he want change price control for “In-house production” from moving average price to standard. He wants to run costing variant and update this cost in material master record.
In the settings of split valuation (transaction OMWC), valuation categories has not set ( “Default: valuation type "in-house production") and has not
flag “Valuation type "in-house production" mandatory”.

Making test, it seems that if valuation NEW is also required for domestic production, when I mark and release the cost calculation, this values
is updated only in code "master" not also for valuation NEW.

If I change customizing and set( “Default: valuation type "in-house production") and has flag “Valuation type "in-house production" mandatory”, when I create a new code (with valuation NEW) costs are marked and released in both “master” record and valuation NEW.

There is a way to update (marked and released costing) to the old code also managed to valuation NEW?

Thanks in advance for your support.