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Apr 06, 2013 at 08:06 PM

SRM - unable to create ECC PO from SRM RFx Response


Hi all,

I am on SRM 7.02, Level 5 (SAPK-70205INSRMSRV) using the classic scenario, using bidding in SRM server.


  • SC created in SRM - > SC goes to sourcing -> buyer creates RFx -> RFx is sent to bidder -> bidder processes RFx Response -> buyer accepts RFx response -> buyer creates follow on document (PO) from RFx Response (create PO).

problem: once the buyer clicks "create purchase order" from the Accepted RFx response, the system throws a green checkmark message "Purchase order cannot be created as there are no items" (message number is /SAPSRM/PDO_QTE 069), even though there is 1 line item. The ECC PO is therefore NOT generated. since this is the classic scenario, an ECC PO should be created directly.

my set-up

  • I have set up internal number range in SRM (Define Number Ranges for Shopping Carts and Follow-on Documents) PO 4300000000 4399999999
  • I have set up the same number range (external) with separate document type "ZSRM" in ECC
  • I have assigned "ZSRM" order type to attribute DP_PROC_TY in SRM org structure (ppoma_bbp)

Am i missing anything? what could be causing this error?