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Apr 06, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Error in KSII


I am facing following error in KSII

Cost center 1010502 activity type ZGAS: costs exist although activity 0

Message no. KP250


The plan or actual activity for cost center 1010502, activity type ZGAS is 0. However, costs were planned or posted in period(s) 9.

System Response

The SAP System cannot calculate activity prices for this activity type as this would involve division by zero. The plan or actual costs are ignored in activity price calculation.


Check activity price calculation in planning for activity type ZGAS in cost center 1010502 and the costs planned for period(s) 9.

Activity Type Planning

Primary Cost Planning

For activity price calculation in actual, actual costs are allocated onto the activity type through splitting, although no activity posting was made on this activity type.

I have removed all the cost (relevant to ZGAS) posted on this cost center by re-posting it to another cost center. Now the balance of the cost center w.r.t. ZGAS is zero but the system is still showing this error.

Kindly let me know the reason of the same, and please suggest a solution for it.