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Difference between Sub-Equipment & Equipment BOM

Can Anybody Please tel me the difference between Sub-Equipment & Equipment BOM ?

Since both are Sub-part of the Equipment , on what basis these two items are differentiated ?

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3 Answers

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    Apr 12, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    Some sub part of the equipments won't be maintained with stock. For these sub parts, business may want only Maintenance history, they may not require stock count. In this case, Sub Equipments will be created & will assigned Main Equipment. Here, you can mention exactly which Sub Part is installed to Main Equipment even though you have multiple same kind of Sub Parts.

    Some parts are changeable during Main Equipment Maintenance & repair parts will be kept in store for further service and yet again it will be installed to Main Equipment. Here, if the business wants to know the stock count of Sub Parts, then those will be maintained in Material Master subsequently those will be assigned in Equipment BoM. Even you maintain in BoM, you can't define which exact part has been installed in Main Equipment. Equipment BoM is list of components by which Main Equipment has been assembled.

    There is very thin difference between creating Sub Equipment and Installing in Main Equipment & creating Material master and defining in Equipment BoM.

    Note: For Sub Parts, even Material Master can be created with Serial Number Profile & Sub Equipment can be generated. So both features can be availed by having the Material Stock as well as Maintenance History.

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    Apr 12, 2013 at 10:40 AM


    Suppose there is a overhead cranes in a coal yard, and your client mapped coal yard as functional location and cranes as eq-1 in SAP.

    but a overhaed crane has many equipment like -

    1. LT motor (long travel)

    2. CT motor (cross travel )

    3. gear boxes

    so u can categorise all above equipment as sub-equipment in SAP and each sub-equipment having one superior equipment as eq-1 (crane no. 1)

    Eq BOM:

    Equipment BOMs are used to describe the structure of equipment and to assign spare parts to equipment for maintenance purposes.

    simply, what are the components and quantity being used to make this equipment.

    electric motor having component like

    1. bearing

    2. nut-bolt

    3. casing

    4. armature

    5. winding

    6. carbon brush

    like may be more than 50 components.

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  • Apr 12, 2013 at 11:36 AM


    Sub-equipment represents a hierarchical equipment structure

    if you want to represent your equipment as complex structure, the whole equipment is represented as Superior Equipment under which each individual   equipments are treated as sub equipments

    For example if you take an example of  Crane

    Whole CRANE is considered as superior equipment and under which each individual equipment such as

    TRUCK, TRAILER, CRANE SYSTEM, HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS  are considered as sub equipments

    SUB EQUIPMENTS are always equipments which were created as master data

    assign the sub-equipment in the Equipment master IE02

    In case of EQUIPMENT BOM, it is material which is linked to Main equipment and the material should be created as Material master data

    You can create Equipment BOM in IB01

    Hope it is clear



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