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SAP Mobile SDK and Windows 8

Hello everyone,

I need your help for a technical problem because i cannot find the solution by myself.

I develop an application for Windows 8 (application store) with Visual Studio 2012. The application will be deployed on a tablet with Windows 8 Pro.

However i need a communication/synchronisation with SAP so we want to use SUP Mobile Server.

I have used the SUP Sdk Mobile 2.2 to declare the MBOs. I generate c# code (option : .Net for windows with Eclipse environnment). But when i want to integrate the dll generated by the sdk in my Visual Studio 2012 project i have dependencies problems. For example, "UltraLite" dlls trying to use old .NET  (3.5) framework dependency. But for a windows 8 application we need .NET 4.5.

How can we realize a windows 8 application (store) using SAP Mobile SDK ? Is there possible with native deployment (c# etc...). I don't find any documentation about this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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3 Answers

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    Apr 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    I resolve my problem and i have realize my first windows 8 application using Sup Runtime.

    This solution works :

    1) Embed the SUP generated code in a windows service (target .NET3.5) and declare associated contracts.

    2) Develop a windows 8 application (target .NET4.5) and communicate with the windows service.

    Note : in some some Windows 8 hardware .NET3.5 is not activated. you have to activate it in the windows functionality windows.

    It's not perfect, but when Windows will be officially support by Sup we could replace the windows services easily.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hello Stéphane,

      Thanks for your taking your time to explain the process.

      I was somehow sure that I would need to abstract from the MBOs since maybe I couldn't serve them directly through the WCF services. I was thinking that maybe one of these solutions could do the work:

      1) Copy-pasting the generated MBOs to the Windows 8 client app (at least the classes.. like Contact, Client, etc. for ex.)

      2) Abstracting/Serializing the data either using proper Windows interfaces (lists, dictionaries) or using JSON/XML (I'm still unsure how to send big data in this case not sure if WCF handles all the lists etc by itself).

      Apparently you are for the second option from what I understand; which would also require some kind of parsing and would only make the work harder.

      EDIT (03.05.2013): Also do you use threads for your WCF? One problem i encounter is during the synchronization phase (which takes more than 1 minute in my case) and I can't keep the Service call for that long. I was wondering how to launch the synchronization and also return something to the user so that he could return for the real result later on.

      Thanks again,


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    Former Member
    Apr 06, 2013 at 05:05 PM

    Hi Stephanie,

         Were you able to install the Mobile SDK in Windows 8 environment?? How did you do it. I am not able to install. The Install program check your os on init and displays a message saying that this software is not compatible with the os and exits..

      Any workarounds that you used to make this work??


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    • Former Member

      Go to SUP installer Folder\SUPContents.ini and change the


      OSCheck=1 to 0

      It will install on any version of Windows Now.



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    Apr 09, 2013 at 06:44 PM

    The SUP Object API (MBO libraries) is NOT compatible with Windows 8 today. To build an application for Windows 8 using SUP - you have to use the OData proxy and RESTful interfaces included in SUP 2.2.

    If you check the list of supported platforms you'll see that Windows 8 is not included in the list:

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    • Former Member Former Member

      No, the OData proxy and RESTful APIs don't provide support for offline access. It is my understanding that OData 3 supports a delta sync (of sorts, I don't have the details), so you may get offline access in the future. I don't know.

      As for the other option you outline, I'm not sure - I'm not a big Windows developer (all of my Windows development has been in Borland Delphi) so I can't say. Seems like a lot of layers to me.