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Apr 05, 2013 at 06:45 PM

Has anyone used AccountingEntryReplicationIn webservice successfully ?


I like to see a fully working example if possible.

1. In the How-to Guide, for the Message Header part of the payload, it showed:


<!-- Unique message UUID -->


<!-- Message creation datetime -->


<!--External system ID, see Application and User Management - Communication Systems as of FP2.6 --> <SenderBusinessSystemID>_LOCAL_SYSTEM_ALIAS_SAP_INTERNAL_CONSTANT_VALUE_</SenderBusinessSystemID>

<!--Local system ID, ask support to use TenantID from API CL_TENANT_READ_API=>GET_TENANT_ID( )--> <RecipientBusinessSystemID>_LOCAL_SYSTEM_ALIAS_SAP_INTERNAL_CONSTANT_VALUE_</RecipientBusinessSystemID>

for the SystemIDs (_LOCAL_* values), but the XML template says it's optional. Is this really necessary ?

2. I get an "Error mapping ESR process component to PAF ID" error message. Has anyone seen this before ?

I've logged to incident support anyway for #2.

Appreciate any help. Thanks!