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Apr 05, 2013 at 05:42 PM

Smartform page footer problem



I created a SmartForm that has a different header on the first page header and another on "Next" page .. On every page I have a main window, occupying the rest of the page and in this window I have a loop to generate and print rows in a table. I need to print information in the footer of the page (which has 6.75 cm) after the end of the cycle and I am not able to do that ..

My problem is the loop does not have a fixed number of rows and create a main window leaving the area 6.75 cm at the end of the page I lose that space on every page except the last page (it will have the footer). I also tried to put the information I need in the page footer as the last item in the main window. Work, but if the end loop in the middle of the page, the information will print in the middle of the page not the bottom ...

How do I create text / other items in the main window that will be printed only at the bottom of the last page even if the loop does not use all available page space between the header and footer area?

Thanks all!

Best regards.