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Apr 05, 2013 at 02:56 PM

SAPUI5 TestSuite samples do not work when using IIS 7 or higher


Hey Folks,

I installed the static SAPUI5 content under my local webmatrix IIS ( version 8.5 ) so I could display the developer documentation and related 'TestSuite' ...

I noticed though that the TestSuite was empty and no content was shown ...

That seemed a bit strange as I saw other people posting with references to samples from that testsuite ... After a bit of digging I found out that IIS blocks the file 'discovery/all_tests' as it does not recognise the mime content ( the file has no extension )... and assumes it is a static file with no proper handler ( error 404.17 ).

Under a normal IIS you can change the mime handling but with the webmatrix local IIS I couldn't find that option ( might be me ) .. anyways here is a quick fix to get it working:

  • rename the 'all_tests' file to 'all_tests.js' ( extension javascript )
  • edit the 'welcome.html' file in the root folder and search for the 'all_tests' ... add the '.js' extension ..

Now it works and all test samples are loaded properly ...