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Apr 05, 2013 at 02:05 PM

How to use CBA for workflow Step



I am required to create 14 different UI application configurations based on workflow step starting from requestor initiates CR.

In specific, Once the requestor initiates CR, Workflow would be generated and there are 14 different users comes in workflow steps and will be having access to this CR type and each is responsible to edit and view certain UIBB sections of app config and NOT ALL.

after 14th user finishes his updating a particular UIBB section which he is having access , it goes to approver as last step as defined in workflow.

Initially I thought I would create 14 differnet UI configuration and assign to 14 different authorized users but found that CBA can reduces this heavy replication and we can use one UI App configuration for 14 users through CBA config workflow step.

How do we use CBA in such cases where on each workflow step when CBA identifies, user will see a different app UIBB's...No matter which user assigned to that workflow step..

It would be helpful for me, if someone has this kind of experience.