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Former Member
Apr 05, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Report based on SAP data source returns no data when migrated to BO 4.0 environment


Hello everyone,

We need help for the following problem:

On a BO Edge 3.1 Server we daily run Reports developed with Crystal Reports 2008.

The Reports use the SAP Integration Kit Connection “SAP Table, cluster, or Function”

For several Years the Reports run fine now.

Now, we need to move the Reports to the newly set up Busines Objects 4.0 SP 5

For this we used the Upgrade Management Tool (UPD).

The reports were successfully copied to the new Server but they don’t work anymore.

The refresh of the data does not obtain any data from the SAP Table connected.

So we have Crystal Report 2008 on BO 3.1 Working Properly (Data from SAP Table ok)

And the UPD Copy of it on BO 4.0 which pretends to fetch data from the same table (no error/info/warning-message at all). But the report stays empty.

A newly created Report, with the same fields from the SAP Table as the original, but without any filters (just to see if anything from the source can be seen) does only fetch data for the field “date”. All other fields stay empty.

Any ideas what’s the matter could be ?

Apparently something is missing or changed in the “new” (4.0) SAP Integration Kit.

But since there is no Message at all, just an empty report after refresh we have no clue what to do.

Please give us guidance to solve this.