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Apr 05, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Using Universe prompts in Xcelsius


Dear Experts,

I have created a calculation view in SAP HANA withan input parameter. I have created a universe on top of it. Now am trying to use this universe to buid a query which fetches data for Dashboard.

From query browser-> Chose the universe->Created the query -> The universe prompt is prompting for a value-> data is previewed-> Query is complete

I want to bind the universe prompt ot a cell in the excel sheet.This is where the problem arises. The prompts tab is greyed out in the query. So i could not bind it to a cell.

I also went through threads suggesting to use a filter and then use the universe prompt to it. I cannot do this in my sceanrio as the field that is prompted is not used in the query, it is rather used to do some calculations in calc. view and doesnt appear in the universe or the query.

Plaese help me here.

Note. I am using Dashboard design Build: