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Apr 05, 2013 at 08:32 AM

PP (SFC) - Production Order Confirmation


Hi gurus,

I have an error message for a Production Order confirmation (CO11N), where I am confirming the operations. I have the message CO 888 when I am trying to confirm one of the operation. All the others operations from this Production order are going fine for confirmation.

What is I can do regarding this issue?? I had other production orders for the same material and everything went just fine... I have checked all the master data for it, and everything looks just fine as well... How can I sort this out so that I can completely confirm my order?

Would be recomanded to enforce closing the order? How to do that & would that be recommend it? (I would prefer to sort the message out and be sure that this won't happen in the future again... )

Thank you so much for your help!!