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Apr 05, 2013 at 07:17 AM

Backend - GW problem


Hi gurus,

I have an issue I can't solve.

I followed 2 examples:


2) [Content Deleted Jan 2014]

I created my service model class, redefined the methods, the runtime class, and redefined it's methods, and at the end I maintained the OData channel configurations.

Once the services are activated in the GW system, i try to test them.

And here comes the issue 😊

When I press the "Call Browser" button, the fresh browser window opens, and a prompt for my user and password, but after that I get the error message:

"The website cannot display the page"

I tried other services, but with the same result.

It is not a DNS issue as other services based on local NW installation are working in the same scenario

Only classes that call backend system have this behaviour.

Any idea why I can' test them?

Thank you

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