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Apr 05, 2013 at 03:05 AM

External Gas Consumption


Hello experts

I need some advise on resolving the below two issues:

1 - The company owned car will fuel it from some private gas stations. But in SAP, how do we create the recording of the external gas consumption. This does not need to create material documents, but should record the odometer and the quantity consumed for reporting purposes and the gas value spent should be paid back to the employee through PO or other way. But this is not possible through IFCU.

2 - If you deactivate the material consumption in the equipment, then it does not post material documents. This way, you can record the internal gas consumption (then post the goods issue for order separately) and the external gas consumption. But how do we link the external gas consumption and the payment against a PO.

3 - After posting through IFCU, the gas station does not appear in the measurement document. How do we make it possible?