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Apr 05, 2013 at 01:30 AM

Generate TextBox's Dinamically


Hello All, I have a problem and I'd like to ask for your help, what I want to do is to create TextBox's in a dinamically way by analizing a String, this is my use case:

I have a BO, called "Structure", this BO have just 2 elements: Name and Structure, this elements will be filled with something like this:

name.- myStructure1

structure.- <Version'>




Now, I have another BO with screens and stuff let's call it "Consumer" , what I want to do is, in the QA of the Consumer BO, I want to add a button, that we can call "Retreive Structure", with this, I should open a new window where I can select an instance of the Structure BO, when I select "myStructure1", I want to generate in this case 2 textbox's. one called "Version" and another called "Key".

Then, in this textBox's I can enter information, for example, I want "Version" have a value of 2.

After all, I need to save the modification, but not in the Structure BO, insted of that, "Consumer" will have a element called "structure", where, after I finish my work I should have something like:

Consumer.structure = <Version Value='2'></Version><Key Value = 'Something'></Key>

I really hope you have any Idea about how can I do this. I know I need a way to analize content of Structure.structure in runtime, and also to generate the fields. But I'm not shure about how to do it.

Thanks a lot in advance.