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Apr 04, 2013 at 08:09 PM

Storage type search in WM


Hello all

I have a specific requirement from my client

It goes like this

When a Mat A is posted ( GR 101) it should post to the first bin now the material would be partially moved to next bin(second bin) again when I post the material it should still post in the second bin

another case:..... I post material B it should post to first bin

All bin have maximum capacity .

I tried this with two option

option 1. under same storage type

I had storage strategy as I addition to existing stock in this case it is not posting to first bin when ever i post the material B

option 2 I created a new storage type with only one bin which had open storage strategy in this case all teh new material will post to first bin but when the material is moved to second or third bin which is in the old storage type and now I try to post the same material it still post in first bin,

so the requirement is like this when ever there is stock of material A in second or third bin it should post to that bin and even if there is a stock of Mat A in bin 1 it should allow Mat