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Apr 04, 2013 at 07:30 PM

NWBC not working properly


Hi All

I was facing issue in PSS that challenge response questions were not visible while registering for user.To resolve this issue I implemented note 1734429 which mentioned to implement other 3 notes 1686889,1683922 and 1686887 alongwith other prerequisites notes.

After implementation of these notes I tried to login to NWBC but I am not able to do anything in NWBC now.As it gives me error saying

"JAVASCRIPT VOID(0)" I clicked on details of the error .Following is the details of the error.

Please help me to resolve this ASAP.As I am stuck in my work due to this issue.

Appreciate your help in advance.




error_NWBC.png (45.9 kB)