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Apr 04, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Goods receipts of material sent by vendor without repairing


Hi Gurus,

We are working on ECC 6.0. We are stumbling on one situation, solution for which is most welcome. Case is as follows --

1. Subcontracting PR is created in background, Refurbishment Order for more than one quantity.(RI01)

The material has split Valuation S1 - New S2 - Damaged S3 - Repaired.

In Refurbishment Order material going out is mentioned in components with valuation S2 and material which is going to be delivered is having

valuation S3. Item codes are not changing.

2. PR and PO released.

3. Material transferred to Vendor by MB!B. Qty is same as in PO and PR ie more than one. Say 3.

4. Delivery Challan Created and Material physically sent.

5. Now one of the quantity is not repaired by the vendor as the material is beyond repairable.

6. At the time of Goods receipt valuation of all three quantities are displayed as S3. Here we would like to be able to receive one quantity with valuation

S2 and remaining two as S3. Repaired two quantities will be paid for as per the quotation from the vendor. One quantity which which is not repaired

will not be paid for.

At present we are not able to do this. What configurations are required for allowing this to happen? Or the entries are to be manipulated?

Kindly guide me. I hope the scenario is clear.

Thanks in advance,


Sachin K.