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Apr 04, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Issue in depreciation calculation-Legacy asset upload


Hi Experts,

I have an issue in depreciation calculation for the asset which was uploaded as legacy balance using AS91.

I have uploaded the balance upto the 4th period of the current fiscal year. Fiscal year is Sep to Aug.

Asset acquisition date is 01.09.2011 as per legacy system records so when I created asset master using as91,

I have given expired useful line 1 year and 4 months (as on 31.12.2012) and depreciation key SLN with 33.33% day basis

(means use full life is 3 years). This means remaing uselful life is 20 monts for this asset (36 months - expired life 16 monts= 20 months)

Out of 20 monts 8 monts fall under FY 2012 becasue till 4th period, I have uploaded the opening balance and remaing 12 monts fall under FY-2013.

Acquistion value is 270,712.00 so depreciation per month should be 7520 (270,712 / 36 months)

Opening balance uploaded upto 4th period is 16 x 7520 = 120,320. (including 4 periods of current fiscal year.)

Per year depreciation 270,712 / 3 = 90237=00

Now since I have updated opening balance upto 4th period in AS91 then the remaining balance for the year 2012 should be

8 x 7520 = 60,160 and planned depreciation should be shown as 7520 per month from 5th to 12 the period in AW01N (Asset Explorer)


System is dividing the remaining usefull life and depreciation amount as follows:

Year 2012 Year 2013

Depr. Amt- 90237 (it should be 60160) Depr.Amt - 60160

Periods - 8 (Per month- 11279.63) Periods- 12 (per month 5013)

When I see AW01N, system gives break-up for 8 periods for 2012 but it divides the entire years amount in 8 periods i.e. 90237.

Where as system should have divided the amount 60160 for the 8 periods in 2012 and for the next year 2013, it should have

divided 90237 into 12 periods.

Please suggest me if I need to do some change in depreciation key or some other setting is misssing.

Thanks in advance.