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Apr 04, 2013 at 03:11 PM



Here are the things I did and followed

1. SRM Proxy to File interface is working great on XI3.0 box

2. Exported repository scenario from XI3.0 into TPZ file

3. Imported that file into PI7.1 ES Repository

4. Builder Config -

  1. Added Business systems for SRM and Business Service for File System
  2. Prepared a File/FTP communication channel for "File System"
  3. Prepared receiver determination and added "Service Interface", sender and receiver
  4. Added Receiver agreement and Interface determinations
  5. As this is proxy to file scenario, I didn't have to create communication channel for SRM and aso Sender agreement

5. Tested scenario from Builder config simulator, worked great.

6. Error: When i tested from SRM, I am getting the following error messages

  1. SXMB_MONI - Gives <SAP:Code area="RCVR_DETERMINATION">NO_RECEIVER_CASE_ASYNC</SAP:Code>. No receiver could be determined</SAP:Stack>
  2. From RWB, Message Monitoring got same message
  3. From PI ABAP, went to SMQ2 and found failed message with error "XI Error NO_RECEIVER_CASE_ASYNC.RCVR_DETERMINATION"

7. To diagnose, here are all the things i did

  1. All cache release (SXI_CACHE and also from exchange profile)
  2. Recreated builder config bunch of times
  3. Cleared and removed queue
  4. Restarted servers 😊
  5. SRM has proper RFC destination connection. validated all

Either I am missing something small or I shouldn't import from XI Repository.

Really appreciate your help.