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Apr 04, 2013 at 01:50 PM

Consumption from a different plant and sloc


Hi there,

I have a requirement whereby i have a production Plant 1 and a component to be consumed from a different plant Plant 2. I understand that this can be achieved by using the SPK 70 (Withdrawal from an alt Plant) for the material (component) @ Plant 1. Now the extension in th requirement is that system should pick the component from Sloc-SL02 defined for Plant 2. I have defined the

Plant 1 - SL01

Plant 2 - SL02

It should be picked automatically and no manual changes to the sloc at the component overview screen of the production order will be done. The production order is created for the material M1 @ Plant 1. Since we have WM integrated system, is there a way to fetch the sloc using some control cycles..Please help.