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Apr 04, 2013 at 01:43 PM

Changing LPI parameter value in SPAD - Format


Hello experts,

I have a question regarding the LPI (Lines Per Inch) parameter that can be parameterized for a Format associated with a Device Type using transaction SPAD.

From a couple of forum searches I gathered that both the LPI parameter and the ‘Page Lines’ parameter are used to define the vertical height of the page. I also noticed that all the format/printer settings that were displayed in replies to other threads had the LPI parameter with the value 6, which is parameterized using the expression: \e\0x32. SAP documentation regarding Device Formats ( states that the value after the ‘x’ is in Hexadecimal numeration. Nevertheless, the number 32 has 50 as its decimal correspondent and not 6 as one would expect.

So, can anyone explain me what is the process behind the parameterization of the LPI parameter?

I would like to know that in order to change a 6 LPI parameter to 9 LPI parameter.

Thanks and Regards.