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Apr 04, 2013 at 01:21 PM

Values for PLA BED, CESS, Higher CESS etc not shown in Utilization screen


Dear Experts,

1. A PO was created with few materials

2. GRN was made with Excise

3. 1 part was returned to vendor using 122 movement for quality reasons. No excise reversed here. (Missed)

4. It was decided to accept the material. GRN was made.

5. G/L entry was posted to nullify the difference as otherwise J1IEX was not possible and then MIRO and payment.

6. J1IEX was done successfully.

7. J1IH was posted for TR6 challan

8. Now J2IUN does not show any entries for BED, CESS, Higher CESS etc

Please advise what needs to be rectified?

Do we get separate details of each duty or cumulative PLA value in J2UIN?

Thank you in advance