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Apr 04, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Multiple Country - Question on Environnement architecture


We're looking to implement BPC 10 NW. We're actually on BPC 7.5 MS. The 7.5 was implemented for a local purposes. With the BPC 10 we plan to roll out solution in next year for multiple site in different country. Regarding architecture for ones of you working with multiple country Do you have Environnement ( App set ) per country ? Do you have only one Environnement ( Appset )

How do you manage different reporting requirement do you have multiple compnay folder to avoid to have all report in one folder ?

What the best practices for multiple company code ( ex : Canada, USA, Europe ) We know all of them may shared same report but for management purposes each site will have specific reports. I would like how to manage that in BPC