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Apr 04, 2013 at 01:17 PM

Phase Switch To Successfully Tested Not Working In Urgent Change


We have updated our Solution Manager development system to SPS08 from SPS03. Our development system has 4 clients (100, 801, 802 & 803). The 8xx clients mimics a CHARM landscape. I have gone through SOLMAN_SETUP for capabilities we have installed. This is basically CHARM and nothing else. When testing Urgent Changes, we cannot switch to the “Successfully Tested” phase. When passing to test, the transport is imported into the 802 client successfully but with a return code 4 error stating the source system is the same as the target system. This was not a problem previously.

We get the following error message: “Details: No import into test system has taken place yet”. I am assuming the problem is with the return code 4 from the transport import. Is there a config where we can set a tolerance level to disregard return code 4s.

Also, please guide me if my assumptions above were incorrect.