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Apr 04, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Account determination error during 542



This is subcontract scenario of client.

Client issues goods to subcontract vendor and for this a 541 movement is posted using MB1B to transfer component stock from plant A to plant B (plant B is a virtual plant).

The component has standard price control in both plants A & B and has the same standard price in both plants.

In some cases, they reverse this goods issue using MB1B with a 542 movement. Most of the times, this reversal goes through without any problem.

But in some freak cases, the 542 movement throws an error "A/c determination for entry XXXX PRD 0001 PRU 3004 not possible".

But client does not want to maintain the missing OBYC entry for PRU since this is not a consistent error message and moreover, they have been working without this setting since 1999.

The same reversal happens without any problem in transaction MBST.

When we checked the corresponding 541 document for the erroneous reversal, the accounting document showed a difference of 0.01 $ between the supplying plant issue value and the receiving plant receipt value though the price difference never existed between the plants in the material master. The difference is posted with PRD/AUM key.

But if we test the same scenario again, the error does not occur. It happens only in some cases.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Could it be a rounding off issue? Anything wrong with material master?

How to resolve this without adding the OBYC entry?

Your inputs would be appreciated.