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Apr 04, 2013 at 08:36 AM

RFC Adapter query on Username and PW set



Currently we are developing a Webservice in SAP PI 7.3 with the scenario SOAP --> PI --> RFC (Synchronous).

The scenario works perfectly fine from PI perspective, but a different behaviour is observed in the ECC system. Ideally we use ECC logon details in the RFC channel to connect the ECC system which will actually execute the RFC in ECC system and put back the response. In our scenario, the message that is received from the Request message has a logon details that needs to be updated in the ECC(RFC Program) and accordingly it does some operations with the User Id passed from the source (Request message payload). Here USERID and PW are fields in the RFC structure and the input is received via the Webservice.

When the log is checked in the ECC system by ABAP developers, it shows that all the objects have been modified using the User Id /PW given in the RFC Channel (PI). But, the scenario should work the other way, where logs should provide the details of the UserId/Pw passed in the message body from the Request message. We have no idea on how the Logon details in the RFC adapter is explicitly getting passed to the RFC program by passing the actual message payload.

When the same RFC is run manually in the ECC system using SE38, it works perfectly fine and the actual User ID / PW passed in the message gets updated in the logs.

Would appreciate some inputs on this issue.