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Jan 09, 2017 at 09:20 AM

Best solution to implement the interface in PI/PO


Hi All,

Am trying to setup file to Proxy interface.

Policy Admin systems will transfer flat file to PO with policy details . PO system convert and post Proxy to S/4.

While post the message PO has to split the message based on transactions (GAAP, NA, TAX) and then send to GL(FI) and also ISL(FSCD).

FSCD is an insurance component lied in S/4 on same system & client where FI also placed.

Here Proxy structure is same for FI as well as FSCD postings.

So please suggest me how to setup the interface? also let me know will Proxy support multimapping?

And also Document need to be split when post to GL(FI) with 999 line items and ISL(FSCD) with 9999 line items.