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Apr 04, 2013 at 08:35 AM

Job validation from command line


Dear all,

I'm validating jobs from command line with al_engine, like this:

al_engine -Uuser -Ppassword -Sserver -NOracle -XVJ@jobname -T-1 -ltrace_log_file -zerror_log_file

I have some doubts.

1. The command seems to perform a simple "validate", not a "validate all", is it correct? Are there other parameters to obtain a "validate all"?

2. If the validation from Designer client returns errors or warnings, from command line it doesn't do the same. Is therefore the validation from client the same one I can perform from command line?

About question 2, here is a screen shot from Designer and the log file produced by al_engine: "validate" from Designer returns 3 errors (and 2 warnings too), while the al_engine returns success.

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084) XMLSDK: Object name: WF_BuTrkAttAnagCli

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084) XMLSDK: Object type: W

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084) XMLSDK: Retrieving object from repository.

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084) XMLSDK: Validating object.

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084) XMLSDK: Validating object completed successfully.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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