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Apr 03, 2013 at 05:24 PM

Billing Transfer RFC Error: Language is not allowed


Hello All,

I'm getting an RFC error "Language is not allowed" when transferring billing document in ECC to GTS. I have recently activated the Customs Legal regulations for many countries and this RFC error is ONLY for a specific country export shipment, which is kind of strange for me and rest other countries works smoothly. I checked every aspect of the settings, it is all the same and ok. Does anyone encountered this problem ever before? Please guide.

For more information, I checked the following things before writing here:

1. Technical Billing Transfer is activated.

2. Billing Type in ECC is also activated for Customs and is mapped in GTS. I use the same billing type for all other countries export shipment too.

3. There is 'no' additional BADI activated.

4. The Material master is the same and is used for testing all other departure countries. Though I checked the description which is maintained in EN, so looks ok to me.

5. The GTS configuration is all ok, the Legal Unit for the specific country is assigned to relevant FTO, the Billing type is mapped to the CULOEX.

6. The Partner data communication language is EN.

Kindly help me where should I look into now.