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Apr 03, 2013 at 03:54 PM

Overhead Materials not costing after new year or EHP 5 implementation


Moderator - please put this in the correct group if this is not the proper place for this.

We have a costing variant set up for our SAP system. In 2012 it worked great and we didn't have an issue with it. In 2013, it suddenly stopped working on one particular cost item. I am a ABAP person trying to help a SAP Finance functional expert on this, so I apologize for any newbie like questions or comments because I am not 100% sure how costing works and I didn't want to leave anything off that might give someone a clue on what is going wrong.

To help everyone understand this, we are trying to rerun a cost estimate for a configured material on a sales order which already has a valid cost estimate ( just not a recent one as material prices have gone up )

How we see this issue is that I go into VA02, pick the appropriate sales order line, then select "Extras" and then scroll down to "Costing" and I pick that. It then tells me that a "Marked Cost Estimate already exists" and it asks me if I want to display the marked one or recost it. If I display the marked cost estimate, the cost estimate does include overhead materials. If I then recost it, it displays zero for the overhead materials.

If I add the column "Proc. Ovhds" to the costing structure subscreen, I can see where on the old costing it has values and on the new costing they are all zero.

What has changed since the last costing is two things - first of all the new year ( 2013 ) versus 2012. The other thing is that we implemented Enhancement Pack 5 since we last costed this. I'm not sure what the finanace guy has looked at or not looked at, all I am looking for is what I can look at in SAP to see what is missing or not dated properly. I suspect either some records are missing or that the costing functionality has changed for EHP 5 and that there is something additional we need to set up.

Only the "Overhead Materials" seems to be impacted by whatever is causing this, everything else about the cost estimate appears to be working fine.

This happens on any sales order line for any configured material. I have looked in SCN for something like this and found a few things and the financial guy has tried them, but I'm not sure what he has looked at or tried as I work in a different location than him.