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Apr 03, 2013 at 02:43 PM

Sending and retrieving comments in a non dynamic EPM Add-in input form


Hello BPC Experts,

I have reviewed the post on "BPC 10 MS/NW - Sending and retrieving comments in an EPM Add-in input form" and would like to know what are the options for retrieving comments in a non dynamic input template (i.e. does not use a report). We have a non dynamic input template that has a row cell to input comments and another that saves the comment. We have noted that after you successfully send data to a unique intersection that the comments that show up in the input row cell are not always the one it sent. There is no formula in the row cell to input a comment. The formula that we use to save the comment is the same one noted in the post mentioned above. When we review a report that has comments we do see the correct one sent. Also, we most often see the input template bring back an incorrect comment when the user did not enter one. Any thoughts? Is this just a bug that I need to work through with SAP?

Thank you for your time.


Lisa Savinovich

P.S. We are using NW 10.0. On the front end we have SP 13 NET 3.5 and on the back end we have CPMBPC 800 0007 SAPK-80007INCPMBPC CPM Business Planning and Consolidation.