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Apr 03, 2013 at 02:01 PM

Roles replication schema


Good morning guys,

In the company the frond end team develop an application to allow the load of sales order document without the need to be logged into the SAP system.

the application works perfect, but and issue is still on the table.

As the user can create many documents, and depend the roles he can see more or less details i am traying to know which could be the best way to display to the user the proper FORM depending the roles that it has in the backend, but without the need to propagate the logon ticked to the backend.

for example:

Once the user log into the application, the app check in a DB table the roles that the user has and depend of the roles, it display the proper form.

As consecuense it see three thing:

* many forms could be created

* Validate, in the unique form, with fields display depend of the roles

* create some forms with roles validation.

What do you suggest??


Rodrigo P-.