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Apr 03, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Profitcenter Reporting in New-GL


Hi there,

I need some help from the comunity regarding PC reporting in New-GL:

We are using the PC scenario in the New GL and do not use PC-Accounting parallel in the CO area. We use the realtime integration between FI and CO and we post all CO postings under one account number in FI.

Now we would like to create a kind of a P&L reporting based on profit centers out from the FAGLFLEXT table:

For FI we use the Accounts for the line information but for CO we would like the cost elements for the line information to get all the informations about the secondary cost elements which are updated in den FAGLFLEXT table as well.

Due to some technical restrictions not all P&L accounts have to be created as cost elements like the accounts used in the MM account determination (GBB/VAX --> for goods issues for sales orders without account assignment object - the account is not a cost element): If accounts like this are created as a cost element too, you have the issue that the post goods issue of a sold product generates a CO posting and also shows as an COGS on the COPA posting as soon as the delivery gets invoiced.

But here comes the problem with the PC-reporting out of the FAGLFLEXT based on cost elements: This post goods issue posting is not shown in the report ´cause no cost element exists. The COGS which is posted to the COPA in the moment of billing has no influence to the profit center information in the FAGLFLEXT table (obviously) --> so we miss exactly the COGS posting related to the revenues in our PC report.

From my point of view the best solution would be to be able to combine cost elements and accounts in the report on the reporting lines, but this is not possible with the report painter report.

Have yome of you made similar experiences with the PC reporting in the New-GL or have you found a solution for this problem?

It sounds unbelievable to me, that such an obvious gap is missing in the New-GL concept for PC-reporting on cost element level but I don´t find a solution for this issue

Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution and ideas