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Apr 03, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Integration Of Batches from Multiple SAP ECC


Dear All,

Our Client wants to integrate Batches from SAP ECC to SAP APO. Reason Client wants to integrate Batches is they want to have visibility of Batch Expiry Date in APO. Now this Batch Expiry Date can integrate to APO only if the Batch Integration Model is active.

However to integrate Batches, we first need to integrate Classes / Characteristics from ERP.

we have 9 SAP ERP connected to APO system and there is no standardization of Batch Characteristics across ERP. For example SAP ERP1 has characteristics A,B and C. Now SAP ERP2 has characteristics A,D and E.

So in APO we now need to have Characteristic A, B,C,D and E before we can think of having batch Expiry date in APO.

Now if ERP1 has already integrated Characteristics A, B and C to APO and if ERP2 now try to integrate Characteristic A,D and E, it leads to CIF Error " Characteristics A could not be created " . I believe the reason for this error is Characteristics A has already been integrated from ERP1.

Please note that selection of these Characteristics in the integration model is done through Organization Area 1 and Class 023 (Batch). It will not be possible to modify this Organization Area and Class for ERP2, so as to have only characteristics D and E.

So in situations like this where there is a need to integrate Batches from Multiple SAP ERP and there is no standardization of characteristics, what should be the approach ?

client does not want to go for standardization of batch characteristics at the moment.

Any pointers on the approach / best practices will be really appreciated.