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Apr 03, 2013 at 10:53 AM

Edit initial view for datasource not working


Hi Design Studio guru's,

I was wondering if one of you could help me with the following.

I have successfully added a datasource to my application. The datasource is based on a BEx query, and I can see my data both at design time and at runtime, regardless if I execute locally or on the BI platform. So far so good, all connections and settings seem to be correct.

However, when I right click on the datasource in the 'outline' pane and choose 'Edit Initial View' I get the following pop-up:

"Failed to initialze the editor for data source "DS_1" (see error log for details)"

The error log in the Designer Application does not show any further messages.

I can see the Editor screen under the pop-up, showing the 'measures' and characteristics from my datasource and the different areas for rows, columns and the background filter. It also shows the live preview with the data I expect.

When I confirm the error message the pop-up with the error message and the editor disappear....

If anyone could help me out with this one I would be very greatful - I am running out of ideas.

Many thanks in advance,