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Apr 03, 2013 at 09:54 AM

Supplier Modification failing for workflow type


Hi Experts,

We are currently working on Sourcing

I am facing an issue while supplier modification via workflow (both with and without xpdls attached) from the supplier side and buyer side. The issue is

that while trying to modify supplier details from supplier side, the system is not allowing me to save and come out of the page on clicking "Done". Instead it remains on the same page.

Please note follwing points:-

1. This scenario was working in Sourcing 7 SP03 successfully, but is

failing after upgrade to Sourcing 9

2. I have tried the same scenario in a fresh Sourcing 9 server, but

still I am facing the same issue.

Following is the error captured in the log file:-


ORA-00001: unique constraint (DEVSOURCING.FCI_38_1_UK) violated

Object: -2147459046:38:Financial Review:: OBJECTID : -2147459046, CONTEXTID : 0, REVISION_COUNT : 0, UNIQUE_DOC_NAME : -21474590461364274989862, DISPLAY_NAME : Financial Review, COLLN_METADATA : 0.340.size=0




, RESERVATION_LOCK : false, DOCUMENT_DESCRIPTION : null, CREATED_BY_USER : -2147483440:104:Vaishali Soni, MODIFIED_BY_USER : null:null:null, EDIT_BY_USER : null:null:null, CREATED_AT : Tue Mar 26 10:46:29 IST 2013, MODIFIED_AT : null, EDIT_AT : null, INACTIVE : false, TRACK_CHANGES : false, COLLABORATION_POLICY : GRANT_ALL_IF_NO_COLLABORATORS, HAS_PUBLIC_DISC : false, IS_REPLICATED : false, BUNDLE : odp.defdata, RESOURCE_ID :, RESOURCE_KIND : APP_TEXT, DEFAULT_VALUE : Financial Review, CUSTOM_VALUE : null, IS_CUSTOM : true, CONTEXT_NUM : -2147483548:21:Infosys Sandbox, RESOURCE_CATEGORY : XTXT#"

Please help me to understand why is the supplier modification failing.


Vaishali Soni