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Apr 03, 2013 at 08:25 AM

user based report access with custom BO's or for the Custom Data Sources


Hi Guys,

Since i am working with SAP COD, in day to day operations, i received a one tricky requirement,

My requirement is - i am designing reports for custom BO's, i awant to display user based access.

Means - i have a Marketing Executives with a user id - MR10001, MR10002, they take will take the appointment with customer, they will create the activity separately, right.

Now, Marketing Executive will login with the User id - MR10001 and with his / her credentials, here the report should display the appointments related his user id / user logged,

How can i achive the user based report.

Please let me know, since long time we are tryng to fulfill but we couldn't able to do.

This is pretty urgent requirement, can anybody share the idea to achieve this requirement.

thanks / ramesh