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Apr 03, 2013 at 05:09 AM




The error messages generated using the method 'report_element_error_message' are not getting cleared, we are

displaying an ALV in which one of the columns is editable, we validate the input of the user when they click on

the button, which is displayed in an other ALV column.

1. The clear_messages( ) method doesn't seem to clear the messages, tried both component controller message manager and view messasge manager.

2. binding the data again back to ALV context also doesn't work...

3. did check the standard wd component WDR_TEST_MSG_MANAGER_00, this doesn't help too ( in the example provide, the validate buttons are outside of ALV )

4. did search the forum, found that similar issue was reported 2-3 times with no convincing solution provided

did I miss something obvious? what are my options now, please guide.

Thanks for looking.