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Apr 03, 2013 at 02:21 AM

Do we need have Distribution model in ECC for PI(JAVA Only Stack)


Hi Friends,

My scenarios is IDOC to File. We are using SAP PI 7.3 (Java Only Stack). I have gone through below forums to understand the connectivity setup for IDOC_AAE adpater.

But I have question regarding the distribution model (BD64) in ECC side. Do we need maintain distribution model (for IDOC) in ECC when we are using IDOC_AAE adapter?

I know that we need to create the distribution model (for the corresponding logical system,IDOC type,Message Type) when we were using PI dual Stack.

But in single stack we will to create RFC destination with connection type TCP/IP with program ID (which was created in PI already) in ECC. I think ECC and PI will communicate through this Program ID If I am correct.

Can anyone let me know whether we need to have distribution model created in ECC for PI Java only stack?or No?. IDOC to file scenario will work without distribution model in ECC?

Appreciate your help.