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Apr 02, 2013 at 11:44 PM

Why does SAP ask to complete PA transfer Structure FI?


The pre-requisite for cost element to post to COPA as per SAP documentation for direct posting from FI is

a) the GL account of P&L type should have its field status the profitability segment as optional.

b) it shall be created as a cost element.

c) additionally, we need to maintain under KEI2 the mapping of cost element to a value field.

In our instance, the Profitability segment field is suppressed in Field status group in the GL account master data. The posting key 40 that is being used however makes it optional. The cost element is of type 01, Still the system is trying to post to COPA, which we do not want to, Is there any way we can stop posting to COPA from FI.?

It throws an error message, Profitability segment derived again & "Complete PA transfer structure FI", while there is no intention for us to post it to COPA.