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Former Member
Apr 02, 2013 at 04:59 PM

Bank Statement Search String to Assignment Field


Hi All

I'm having trouble with mapping a search string to the assignment field that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I have a note to payee field on the bank statement which always ends with a 6 digit number which I need to use for clearing against another document which holds this same number in the assignment field.

I have created a search string "######$" which pulls back the last 6 digits of the note to payee successfully in simulation, but my problem is then mapping that to the assignment field.

In the "Search string use" table, I've created 3 entries...

1. BDC Field Name - mapping to a different search string which returns blank, then I've used the mapping prefix of "BSEG-ZUONR"

2. BDC Field Value - mapping to the search string I describe above, returning the 6 digit number

3. BDC Account Type - mapping to the search string in point 1, which returns blank, then used the mapping prefix of '0'

I have equivalent entries for positive and negative values, I've tried populating the external transaction field as well as leaving the external transaction field blank. The rules are flagged as active, but nothing seems to work. I'm sure its something obvious but could do with someone pointing me in the right direction.

Any advice gratefully received!