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Apr 02, 2013 at 01:56 PM

FI Cutover Activities


Hello Gurus,

I have a few queries in relation to Cutover activities related to FI area. They are as follows :-

A) At the time of cutover it is said that the GR account balance should be zero and if there are entries where GR is done Invoice not reached or Invoice is done GR has not been recorded then in such cases these entries need to be reversed and after cutover is over these has to be entered again in SAP. Why this need to make GR account balance zero? If there are open items in GR, cant they too be uploaded in SAP, rather than manually entering them after cutover is complete?

B) Just like Customer/Vendor account Assets too have reconciliation accounts in the background. For Vendors and Customers we upload the open line items and the entries are Vendor Upload a/c Debit and Vendor a/c credit. Since we are hitting the Vendor a/c the reconciliation GLs too get uploaded with the transaction value.

If the above is true for Assets why do we have a two stage process, ie uploading the Asset Values in the Asset Master by AS91 and uploading the Book Value, Depreciation and Accumulated Depreciation Reconciliation GLs directly after removing the Recon Indicator from such GLs in OAK5?

C) During upload of Vendor balances the VAT line items are not uploaded however the deferred VAT line items are uploaded, why? while Invoices are migrated with WT type & code.

Would be really grateful if anyone can clear these doubts from my mind please.