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Apr 02, 2013 at 10:43 AM

getting error while invoicing "Statistical tax amount in transaction currency not correct (A)"


Hi All,

while invoicing we are having 4 billing documents and there respective amount are given below:

Bill Amt 5% VAT b1 94.33 4.7165 b2 -65.89 -3.2945 b3 90.57 4.5285 b4 -64.73 -3.2365

each on applicable for 5% VAT.

In ISU_TAX_FKKOPK_CREATE each bill is taken into consideration and VAT is calculated on each bill individually and VAT amount is rounded to 2 decimal places.

below are the vat values

B1 4.72 B2 -3.29 B3 4.53 B4 -3.24 Total 2.72

but in ISU_INV_CLEAR_TAX_ROUNDING_DIF its summing all the bill amount and then calculating the VAT, below is the infor:

Bill Amt b1 94.33 b2 -65.89 b3 90.57 b4 -64.73 Total 54.28 5% VAT 2.71

there is difference of 0.01

any idea how to get this corrected.