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Apr 02, 2013 at 08:34 AM

MaxDB does not start - dbmcli shows no reaction



Since two weeks I'm not able to start a NW7.3 System. After several checks I figured out that the database (MaxDB 7.8 on Windows) does not start. There were no changes in Hardware or OS, Kernel was not updated/upgraded. The System was running since installation in May 2012.

dbmcli db_enum does work:

But my problem is, that when I run dbmcli -u superdba,***** -d NWD db_online, there is no further reaction. Unfortunatelly the MaxDB logfiles (knlmessage etc.) were not updated, so I have no hint what I should check as nect.

Here you can find the whole discussion in Netweaver group:

So my question would be: is there any other MaxDB tool or log file, which can help me to solve this issue - or get at least a hint on the reason why the database can't start any more? Or maybe is an update to 7.9 a possible solution?

Thanks in advance



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